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Jeune Consulting offers various services according to your needs. For more information, we kindly invite you to browse through the left panel. Don’t hesitate to ask for a free request of quotation or to directly contact us. To ensure high quality of results, we solicit the views of a wide range of experts like assistants, lecturers, and professionals. Their expertise, combined with our large pool of project managers, are the pillars of our successful missions. Our knowledge portfolio also includes alumni and highly skilled professionals who constantly advise us on the projects we are working on.

How do we work?

After a first discussion with Jeune Consulting either by email or phone, we will set up a meeting with clients in order to assess their needs. The aim of this meeting is to analyse your projects/plan and to find possible agreements. Afterwards, Jeune Consulting will establish a price quotation entailing work agendas and budget. Before being signed, this quote will be discussed with the clients who will sign if agreed. Once signed, the association will nominate a project manager and other students who will be in charge of the mandate. Upon completion of the mandate, the work performed will be sent to the client who will eventually approve it. A presentation may be made at the client’s discretion

Pricing policy

Jeune Consulting offers the opportunity to students and assistants to build up their formation through solid project management experience, from its conception phase until its achievement. That is the reason why we don’t charge all of the hours worked since a certain amount of time is dedicated to training. Considering the fact that our association is working on a not-for-profit basis, the only requirement for us is to cover our costs. A quotation for price is established at the beginning of every project. Generally speaking, we charge 80 CHF an hour for our services.

Market research

The market research is a trend analysis of the evolution of a sector or a product, relying on quantitative and qualitative data. It is a crucial step for launching a new enterprise or a new product. The study can then be applied for a certain specific market (such as the Swiss Romande or the Swiss Jura region), or for a greater area. Thanks to our European Junior Enterprise network, we can select and source the best areas able to answer your needs. The conduct of a research study includes many aspects such as literary searches, qualitative interviews with specialists, quantitative surveys, and reviews of reports done previously. The document submitted may include key figures such as tables showcasing market trends or recommendations on product positioning.

Satisfaction survey

During the evolution process of a good/product, it is advisable to conduct a satisfaction survey. It helps to analyze potential market positioning and informs about consumer needs. The results of the survey shed light on possible operational recommendations to improve users’ and clients’ satisfaction.

Organizational audit

An organizational audit is a study on internal operations and processes of an enterprise, a community, or a firm structure. The aim of an organizational audit is to provide operational recommendations in order to improve its effectiveness. We base our study on different methods such as one to one internal interviews, meetings, focus groups, anonymous surveys, and analysis of internal reports. Results include propositions of organigram improvements, optimization of the internal organization, or white papers on the organizational orientation.

Market Study/Analysis/Research

Market research is an essential prerequisite before launching any projects. These types of study enable a customer to quantify and qualify the potential of any internal and/or external projects via multiple frameworks of analysis required for a holistic approach (for example, economical, sociological, and environmental aspects). Outcomes are displayed, for instance, as a synthesis of the current market conditions and its growth forecast. Additionally, we examine niche areas of market that may be underserved by current products or services.

Feasibility Study/Analysis

Feasibility analysis focuses especially on barriers to market entry, or barriers for specific products/services, suggesting a range of potential solutions. Before getting started on any projects, it is desirable to collect and analyse concrete data about the economic environment in order to forecast potential outcomes. Feasibility studies get a closer look at the realization of a project, just before its launching and operational phases.

Business Plan

The business plan is a research document putting forward in a way forward for a new project or enterprise. It is a vital tool to find potential investors or stakeholders, and it is an important step in getting a bank loan. Jeune Consulting helps you to achieve this, meeting your expectations as well as international standards, while offering a very high quality service.

Brand image

How big is the gap between your desired company image and what your customers perceive ? The threshold for a strategic marketing plan is a sound knowledge and an accurate understanding of your brand. The well-being of your brand is key to beating the competition in a constantly shifting business environment. From then on, you will cope more easily with its dedicated marketing investments that will support its higher prices reflecting greater profitability in the future.

Advertising campaign organization for SMEs

Advertising campaigns can be very costly. Yet, thanks to our close partnership with graphic design experts from the School of Applied Arts from La Chaux-de-Fonds, our association offers full and competitive packages. Our strategy focuses on the essence of your business and provides it excellent visibility to the outside world and on social networks.

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